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Wenn zusammen bestellt, bekommen Sie alle drei Bücher in Robert Dilts' Trilogie Next Generation für den Sonderpreis €99,99!

In diesem Paket bekommen Sie folgende Bücher:

  • Next Generation Entrepreneurs:

    Lebe Deinen Traum und schaffe eine bessere Welt durch Dein Unternehmen

  • Next Generation Collaboration: 

    Befreie die kreative Kraft kollektiver Intelligenz

  • Next Generation Leadership: 

    Mach Dich fit für die Zukunft mit Innovation und Resilienz

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This book is in German. Here is the English Description:

There are times in the life of every individual, every marriage, every family, every culture and every business, where whar has been done in the past will not help you to successfully go forward into the future. In these situations you have to be "generative," which means creating something that has never existed before.

In this book, internationally renowned coaches and authors Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan present a simple yet powerful six-step approach to navigating the complex path to a more meaningful and fulfulling future. Drawn from the transcripts of live seminars, and brilliantly illustrated by Antonio Meza, this first volume provides a clear, practical and lively introduction to the magic of Generative Coaching.

Whether you are an experienced coach or someone interested in learning about how to support others to reach more of their potential, this book will provide you with a useful and inspiring road map for navigating the journey of creative and sustainable change.

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