Peter Ivanov


Peter Ivanov, born in 1970 in Bulgaria, is a Keynote speaker, business consultant and executive coach. He has more than 20 years of experience with international management. In the business world he has lead virtual teams with more than 100 employees, spread throughout West and East Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and his teams have won multiple corporate awards.

The graduate mathematician speaks five languages and has won several international discus throw championships as an athlete. Born and raised in Bulgaria until the age of 28, Peter witnessed the transformation of his home country from communism to democracy and as a student, he often held public speeches. Today, he is in demand as a Keynote speaker at business events and congresses throughout all of Europe.

Peter Ivanov shares his knowledge about leadership and virtual teams as a speaker, consultant and executive coach. He is also heavily devoted to the topic of cultural diversity in businesses and organizations. 

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Peter Vasiliev,
IT Manager

Peter is a true leader, a person whom you can rely on. He leads the team with confidence, delegating where appropriate, and keeping direct focus on the items that are on the critical path. Peter ignites and inspires the team with his speeches. People follow him based on his authority and trustful relationships that he builds with his team.


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